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Ladder Exercises

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Ladder exercises are great for agility and keeping fitness fun.

Best Exercise for Strength and Flat Abs

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Burpee Magic!

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Awesome Interval Exercise. Burpee,Walking Plank Video Demo

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Learn how to exercise more effectively!! I am demonstrating an excellent exercise to incorporate in your interval workouts. Start by just doing the walking plank to forearm plank. As you get stronger add a push up. Push yourself! How many can you do in 30 seconds? 1 minute? Excellent for your core and overall strength, getting fit fast.

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The TRX Trainer is an Excellent workout Option

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The Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get Up!!
One of my all time favorite workout moves. 
Dynamic Core Strengthening Exercise that requires all the muscles in the body working together!!
Always start with no weight whenever you are trying something new!! Get the form right first and always make sure that you complete the exercise on both sides of the body. I personally start with a 15 lb dumb bell and work through different sets up to a 30lb dumb bell. To make it harder try it with a kettle ball!  Get fit, lose weight, and increase your strength by adding Turkish get ups to your workouts!!
Small Changes, Big Results!!


Awesome Workout Exercise

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I do lots of compound movements and intervals. Here is an example of a sequence I will do during an interval. 
As always start at your fitness level and with appropriate weight for you.

Burpee to Starfish Plyo Interval Exercise

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I am demonstrating an Awesome Interval Exercise that I love to incorporate into my workouts. Quick bursts of energy have a long lasting effect and will give you incredible results. Start interval training now for a fit body, successful weight loss, and to build muscle!!
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